EMPOWER ME project is an ERASMUS + Strategic partnership that brings together six partners in six different European countries for three years (2018-2021). This project seeks to overcome school failure and to test new methods and tools to increase students’ skills to sustain attention, organize tasks and complete homework.

The aims of the project are:

  • Improvement of the academic/educational success of students with ADHD.
  • Improvement of the performances of students with attention deficit.
  • Enhancement of abilities and skills for students with an attention disorder.
  • Increase among students of the ability to keep focus/concentration on an object or maintain a particular behavior resisting distracting stimuli.
  • Increase in capacity of resistance for students who learn to wait to satisfy their desire/to make a strong effort to reach their aims and objectives.
  • Improvement of the capacity of teachers/trainers/educators to deal with students’ attention disorders.

The partners of EMPOWER ME project will work together on four intellectual products building on the experience of each other, each partner being responsible for one of the products:

  1. Compendium of methods for teaching and counselling youngsters and students (VET) with attention disorders.
  2. Study analysis of the characteristics and the needs of the youngsters, students (VET) with attention disorders and of the teachers/trainers/educators working with multi-problematic students.
  3. Virtual resources centre & b-learning program support for teachers/trainers/educators. strategies to promote the educational success of students with attention disorders
  4. Toolkit for students.

Bastia 2019

Mons 2020