Quick Games

In this section you can find and play quick fun games that will improve your attention skills!

There is no specific time needed for these games, yet it is advised to change and explore all the different types of games you can find here. So, try not to spend too much time on one activity.

You can select from the following list of quick games:

This is a typical exercise to train visual working memory by looking for the differences between two practically identical images.

In this way you are learning to distinguish stimuli, to properly select those stimuli to which you want to pay attention and to separate all those that are different, and to focus attention on the details of the target stimuli.

This exercise trains your concentration.

You will need to sustain your attention to find the number that corresponds to the one given.

The objective here is to improve your attention.

With this exercise you focus on being able to keep your attention while working on a difficult operation that deals with numbers.

Specifically, with this exercise you must attend to the numbers that are presented and write it in reverse order.

This exercise helps you improve your attention by matching the colors with the shapes/characters.

This exercise trains your observation skills in a cohering way and enhances your organization skills as well.

To target comprehension, you need to select the objects that have specific characteristics (small, round, blue, large, …) from the image with various similar objects.

The goal here is to increase the ability to attend to different types of visual stimuli.

Keep your focus and note down the right answer!

With this exercise you will train to process visual information simultaneously.

The purpose is to identify the largest number (1 to 9 for the youngest) among a succession of numbers that appears on the screen.

The square containing the numbers appears on the screen between 3 and 5 seconds.

By performing this task, you train staying focused in perceiving the color changes in the initial ball.

A model ball is attached to the top of the screen while several balls are present on the screen.

You must stay concentrated and decipher the symbols or words to click on the requested.

The goal of this exercise is to find the element that only appears once among a variety of elements.

The elements are similar in shape and color, which makes the task complex.

Train the ability to pay attention to more than one stimulus at a time.

In this exercise, you have to pay attention to more than one stimulus and train your brain to attend to 4 simultaneously.

This game aims to train retention and memory restitution.

Tiles of different colors will appear in a table and then disappear.

You must click on the location of the tiles of the color indicated in the instructions.

The complexity increases gradually.

This is the typical activity of word search based on a list of words that are drawn in a grid.

our task is to find and select the words in the grid.

It improves memory as well as attention, concentration, and focus.