Long Games

In this section you can find exercises that have a long duration.

This means that you can start a game today and continue or complete it another day.

1. Puzzles

UNIT: Cognitive Flexibility

OBJECTIVES: Brain games like crosswords and puzzles are fun, stimulating activities that improve one’s memory and attention, which are integral components of cognitive flexibility. To assemble a puzzle, students need to focus, identify the pieces, and connect them. Meanwhile, they need to be observant enough to spot that some pieces do not go together and try different ones. This is an activity for different aspects of executive functioning: attention, working memory, impulse-control, and cognitive flexibility. They can be used by students of all ages, levels, and abilities. It is possible to gradually build the level of difficulty of each puzzle.


What you need to do is to put puzzle pieces in the correct way, to create an image. You do not have to complete the image in one session. Feel free to break down the exercise by giving a smaller goal (for example each day, put together 20 pieces).

You have two possibilities:

  1. Online puzzle games https://www.jigsawplanet.com/ or https://puzzlegarage.com/
  2. Offline – Board Puzzles: Puzzle pieces – not more than 100 pieces which are using patterns that are easy to identify colors.  

To continue working on your puzzle, make sure to have a safe place to store the work accomplished in each session.

Usually, board puzzles are played individually but also on teams. So, if you feel like inviting a friend to build the puzzle together, go ahead and ask them 😊

2. Coloring activities

UNIT: Cognitive Flexibility

OBJECTIVES: Coloring activities are “relaxation activities” that can help relieve pressure, anxiety, and increase your concentration. They also develop color matching abilities, accuracy, and precision.

MATERIALS: You can use paper and pencils, coloring books and pages with designs, but also online books and applications you have to download on google play such as Color By Number –  a creative application and stressless adult coloring book number suggestion.


Links for online painting:

Phone/tablet App: Download the Color By Number – a Relaxing Free Coloring Book, and select from the various art categories (unicorns, doodles, flowers, mandala) to draw from your computer!

There is a wide variety of coloring pages, from simple to complicated. Try to color the new category of images with human beings. Mandala rangoli and mandala flower coloring books are the most popular drawing app.

Some tips:

  • Tap to pick the color you want and paint, all you need is your imagination. You just need to color with numbers, and you can make a perfect artwork without any complex ability.
  • Pinch to zoom in/out, easy coloring games in the artwork. Use 2 fingers in the coloring picture to zoom in or zoom out.
  • The progress of your artwork will be saved automatically when you leave it.