IO 2: Study analysis of the characteristics and the needs of the youngsters, students (vet) with attention disorders and of the teachers/trainers/ educators working with multiproblematic students



EMPOWER ME Centre encompasses a B-learning training programme for teachers/trainers/educators designed as a virtual space where trainers/teachers/educators from different countries can find some information about attention disorders. They  also have the opportunity to interact with professionals and experts while presenting examples of good practices, especially in VET contexts, and difficulties they face in their daily practice.

EMPOWER ME Centre  also includes information about teaching methodologies that promote educational success amongst students suffering from those problems and other materials and resources.

This EMPOWER ME Centre is available to professionals from VET institutions  and provides an interactive forum to collect examples of good practices and to report problems or success while implementing the presented methodologies and materials. The goal is to organize the information in a systematic and user-friendly manner, including a search tool (with definition of key words) in order for users to easily find useful suggestions of actions. Moreover, considering this project is based on a social constructivist perspective,  a monitoring tool has been implemented that allows users to share the results they obtained when applying the strategies and instruments provided in a systematic format.

One of the resources is the  b-learning training programme which will be piloted in the partner institutions. The focus is on strategies to promote educational success of students with attention disorders and it includes contents related to teaching these students in multiproblematic classes and promotes attention skills in individual counselling. It will therefore prepare professionals to use the resources to be produced in IO 4. Guidelines will be written on how to use all the developed tools. The guidelines will be available for any (new) user.