Card Games

In this section you can play using cards to train your brain and attention skills.

You can select from the following list of games:

The exercise will help you to increase the ability to attend to two different types of visual stimuli, and train and strengthen your cognitive flexibility as well, by sorting cards of various dimensions depending on specific target criteria.

The objective is to improve the capacity for strategic alteration by accurately switching dimensions.

Through this exercise you will train your brain to stay attentive and focused in finding one specific element on the card that has a grid with letters or numbers.

To train your memory skills and anchoring.

You will have to select the cards one by one randomly in the beginning, in order to match the pairs. After a while, you will be able to make your selections of cards using your memory.

The aim is to find all matching pairs as soon as possible.

The exercise help you train your attention and observation skills, and also your control of the impulsivity. You will be requested to use your flexible thinking between color codes and word meaning. 

This exercise will help you to concentrate on details and focus your attention on the different shapes.